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I first met Lucas one summer, I know love has ended before it’s begun. He never stops moving. His energy is palpable. He is always excited .I said to myself…what a restless dog. How can I live with this?…what will happen to my decor at home. The first […]


If there is really joy in doing things then I found today suddenly so exquisite. I fold towels a hundred times but never appreciate it. But today the sudden quietness while I was folding brings calmness. The fresh smell of bouncy never felt so luxurious. How can I not […]


 ON GETTING OLDER What I know for sure is that youth is a state of mind. It doesn’t mean if you are old,you have to stagnate. As they say, put twinkle on your wrinkle. ON BLOGGING Blogging is my creative space. It’s a  place where I can create […]


 “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own action.” My typical Sundays are not for making the house sparkly clean. It is my time for reading and day dreaming. Today I organize my necklaces and put them into pretty storage. I know I will use […]