I first met Lucas one summer, I know love has ended before it’s begun. He never stops moving. His energy is palpable. He is always excited .I said to myself…what a restless dog. How can I live with this?…what will happen to my decor at home.

The first week he chew all my guest slippers, actually 18 pairs in total. My favorite shag rug he chew a quarter of it as well.It was one of my best buy and is irreplaceable. Six months has passed and it was Christmas time. I decorated my Christmas tree. All is set and all on its glorious trimmings…I was about to plug it  and to my aghast! He chew the cord. I cried and cried with no tears…I went home one day and I saw one of my peacock trimmings on the floor without a head. Feathers everywhere…again my feelings is indescribable.

That was 5 summer years ago. Now my decoration at home stays as it is. He just licked it and all is good. It must have been really love for him to get away with so much. How could one not fall. His smile is always ready the moment I enter the house.He checks me out first thing in the morning. He gave little kisses on my feet everyday. I couldn’t help but smile in all his antics. He brings joy everyday.






high five!


good boy.






If you lived with dog, you will never ran out of things to say.


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