Month: April 2015


I first met Lucas one summer, I know love has ended before it’s begun. He never stops moving. His energy is palpable. He is always excited .I said to myself…what a restless dog. How can I live with this?…what will happen to my decor at home. The first […]


I love pillows. For me, it is one of the easiest trick to decorate a place. These two are my favorites. I put my old brooches to add glam. Horses are the most beautiful creature for me. The print makes me happy. A room is not complete without […]


I stick to what I like to wear and that is classics. Lately I am inspired to wear denim jacket as top and not the usual ¬†as overpiece.I actually love the look because it gives structure if you want to look a little bit dressed up. I want […]


Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz Success is sweetest when it’s shared. Truly this is what Howard gave me after reading this book. It took me three cups of americano and I have renewed spirit, gain optimism, drive and courageousness to follow my dreams.