Let me tell you the story of my hair. Once upon a time when I was in elementary I have my hair cut short. At a young age I did not sleep and cried for days… I promise myself that for next time I will make it clear to the hairdresser that short hair means a specific inch to my liking not hers. Luckily, hair grows and I am once again happy. I always admire my sister’s hair. She got this Farrah Fawcett look. Every morning before school,it is our ritual in front of  the mirror with our hair dryer…”ours …because we share. She taught me how to stylized my hair. I became a pro.I love to adorn my hair with accessories and pay my neighbor to do the braid for me at times.

Fast forward the story…now I am so lucky to have John. He is the reason for my morning happiness. My hair is flat when undone. This luxurious fine to full volume hair spray is a miracle. If you see me not having that volume…me and john didn’t meet eye to eye that day. I spray every section and used curling iron. Hand combed it and top it with a hairspray.

Me and Johnlove is in the hair.


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