Month: August 2014


We both love nature. In this garden, we don’t chase butterflies…we chase cocktail rings, shoes and dreams. We share an affinity for anything that sparkles. Walking in this garden gives us the feeling of assurance same way a day of shopping gives.Searching for the perfect spot to shoot […]


I feel most alive when I am doing what I love the most. My fondest memory was during childhood making paper plane. I will throw it on air and it will glide smoothly. I followed wherever it goes. It was my favorite pastime. It surely was the best […]


It’s a blazing blue sky and we packed and head for a photo shoot. She loves wearing heels. The higher, the better. Her gait is like a model.She moves seamlessly and matches my shutter speed.Although she is a natural, she follows my direction in posing.We had a laugh. […]


  “For me, decorating is definitely not buying all at once just to fill the space. I take home only pieces that speaks to me. It’s been years that I am looking for a framed art to put on my wall and it seems I am never destined […]