“Making your home your greatest pleasure is a luxury we all need to indulge”


 My windows are wide open…hey its SPRING! and I am romanced with color pink. Pink has always been my favorite color but I tried to put it off because its a testosterone filled home. Now it’s spring and I have a very good excuse to use it. 🙂

119The only off-limits in this living room are spaghetti and hot chocolate…see I am good. I mean hot so it’s a liquid not a bar of chocolate.This area is where we all gather after days work and school. Underneath those boxes are game paraphernalia for my  boys.Boxes of old DVDs concert of the Beatles and Barry Manilow for me.

122One of my favorite piece now is this deer with my Mom’s pearl necklace.

She has to be pretty everyday.


313Putting mirror in the Dining room is a very good Feng Shui. Mirror should only reflect beauty so you will have abundance of it.

I still love that my chair is wearing gold stilletos. Lucas is so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful legs.

 Boxwood plants are my favorite. Fortune bamboo plants is next. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but both requires little care and less water. 🙂

315These are images of Vogue during 1918 to present times. I love fashion and I want to be surrounded by it.


In this kitchen is where all the action is. We cook in this huge island. I am the only lady in the house  and I love to slice is the common joke. But I do cook when I get the chance. Let’s CARRY ON.

Just by looking at this yellow damask wall paper makes me happy. Add the peacefulness of buddha…It’s my everyday serotonin.


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