062Yes I am a Goat… in Chinese Astrology and my element is Fire. If you are like me who believes in astrology,the science of stars and that destiny is in the palm of my hand or our future then I guess continue reading…

063What it is to be like a fire goat?A complex personality full of passion at times and enigmatic moments later. Quite a homebody but I disagree…maybe more of to stay with the familiar, albeit tastefully decorated place 😉 The goat have a strong determined nature which sets to do great things and accomplish goals.

048 An explorer at heart, easy going and can answer the call of adventure.Can do butt heads if needed to but  avoid stress and confrontation.

057The Fire goat is an ardent lover but like flames of passion it can be difficult to handle. Oh well.

054“Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides”.







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