A gift is a symbol of thought. I feel most special when I receive a gift. That is my language of love. It is not to be mistaken as materialism rather I cherish the thought, love and effort put into it. It is not always in things but giving the gift of self when your body is the symbol of it, is one that truly matters. There is a gift of being real and honest and this one is the hardest to find. But there is the fun part of giving and that is wrapping gift. I know, I know my eyes is for black and white but hey, I added hot pink this time. The receiver most of my gifts are my boys and they are just as happy to receive it with pink ribbons. They know their mom is a stylist. 🙂

012Always start with a beautiful wrapping paper, a see thru tape is a must, ribbons and any small thing to accentuate the fun of wrapping.

044This plush blanket is perfect for winter time. I want to give comfort.

048My signature gift for my kids each year are PJ’s.

020Babies are sensitive and precious and a fuzzy blanket is my perfect choice.

067I give the things I wanted to receive.I love tea and I have to spread the word around about it.

066Just the name of these teas makes me want one now…

032Give books. It encourages reading. Cost matter a little. Some are free…like a kiss.

055This box is for the sweetest girl.She is so thoughtful of me in many ways. It is only fitting that this box is for her although I admit I want one too {honestly!}

057The sweetest thing we all ever have is to love and be love in return.Aww…shakespeare why you’re doing this to me err us.

002At the heart of love is the spirit of giving.

062give a little…take a little. That’s the GLORY OF LOVE.


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