079I always have a struggle to buy souvenirs when I travel because for me it has to aesthetically “fit” into my decor. I only choose things that are specific to me. I love that when I look at the object, it takes me back to all that was happening at that time. This movie clapper I bought from California speaks what Hollywood really is for me. 091Every time I look at it reminds me of the joy in searching a celebrity to pose in the walk of fame…only Michael will made me sit here.IMG_20131208_2I also love to frame mementos of my kids and this  handwritten NAMES of my sons was my favorite of all. It moves from house to house and it always settled on the best spot. It was all their FIRST name handwriting in school. It was so precious to me.

086Oh how fun in Disneyland and you have to dress the part. This glitter headband brings me back into play and childhood.


“Never never never give up” sister Cena ask me to buy whatever I want during a visit and I chose this saying because she told me once to never give up during my trying times. I always wanted to be reminded by this. It gives me courage.

093Not only that I dress up my wall, It is more emotional than physical beauty.


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