40 lbs? of books? not a problem…I smiled. Each person is only allowed to have a most of 50 lbs each baggage to board a plane.I threw in more comforters to fill in.I remember making those decisions before we move here in Canada.I never regret.Add in years and years of married life and three kids after. How do you pack that?…It dawned on me that what is important is what matters to you. What you can’t live without and what things you can’t part with. And for me it was my books.
134293My love for reading was influence by my  older sister. My first book was Nancy Drew and Mysteries at age 12. As I coast along in life, my topic of interest in books changes too. I have business books and baby books together at 20’s. If life is tough…you will find me at self-help dissecting every shelf. My favorites are lifestyle books.I am so inspired by the creative people behind it.Book inspires. Not only they are beautiful to look at. They give me structure in life.I love the tale it gives. It helps us to move forward. I have lots of sweet evenings with them. They give me comfort and most of all it gives me freedom…if I do not want to read, I just look and flip 🙂





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